OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall

OCAF Art Center  Rocket Hall in Watkinsville Georgia

OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall

OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall, a cultural center in Watkinsville is located in Georgia. It is home to an ongoing art exhibition and two performance venues, the main gallery as well as the Rocket Theater. It is a must-see for all visitors to the region. The centre can host 200 people and hosts local artists. The organization also offers event management services.

OCAF promotes Oconee County’s culture and arts. They offer education in art and health, as well as support community programs. Oconee Resource Council receives donations for their mission. Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation organizes many community events each year. You can either attend a concert at OCAF Art Center or buy a poster or print featuring one of these artists.

Built in 1902 by OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall, the OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall is now a museum. It was originally a schoolhouse built in 1902. It was in bad condition after being abandoned for 12 years. Volunteers quickly rescued the building, repainted it, and planned the first major art exhibition for the Olympics in 1996. Today, the 1902 OCAF Art Center serves as the central point for Oconee County arts. There are many events, from concerts and dances to arts classes, for all ages.

The OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall is an art center with a beautiful history. The museum was once a high school gym, and the community was proud of it. Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation renovated the museum and added heating, air conditioning, and windows to the space. French drains were also installed to remove water from inside the building. OCAF also renovated the interior and added handrails to the front porch. They also made foundational repairs to the rear.

The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville Georgia, leased a four-room schoolhouse. The original occupant of the building was in 1902; however, it had been vacant for 12 consecutive years. During that time, the building had become a rundown and in poor condition. The OCAF Art Center was actually established in 2000. It has been the heart of Oconee County’s arts community, with its ongoing exhibits and concerts.

OCAF Art Center & Rocket Hall are important cultural centers in the region. It is located within the city of Watkinsville. The OCAF Art Center and Rocket Hall is home to the Oconee Resource Council, which is dedicated to promoting cultural arts. The OCAF also helps the community by supporting local nonprofit organizations and arts projects. The OCAF ArtCenter focuses one year on the visual and performing arts.