The Neighborhood of Oak Hill in Jacksonville Florida

Oak Hill in Jacksonville Florida

The Neighborhood of Oak Hill in Jacksonville Florida

A few years ago, the city of Jacksonville, FL, started to add a new neighborhood called Oak Hill. While the neighborhood is mostly residential, there are some businesses that have become a part of its history. One of these businesses is a local pizza parlor called The Pizza Place. Other businesses in Oakhill have expanded into retail and restaurant space, such as a Starbucks. The neighborhood is also a popular destination for retirees and people who want a quiet place to live.

A magnet school, Oak Hill is located within the Duval County Public School system. The community was named for a church that served children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders. The church moved to the neighborhood in early 1968 and changed its name to reflect its location in the new neighborhood. Today, it is known as The Church of the Nazarene. Regardless of the name, Oakhill is a residential neighborhood in Jacksonville.

While Oak Hill has an upscale feel, its low population density can make for a difficult lifestyle. Although it is a densely populated neighborhood, many residents own their own homes. There are many families living in Oakhill and its residents tend to be liberal in their views of politics and the world. This makes the neighborhood perfect for those who want to enjoy a walkable community. If you’re interested in buying a home in Oakhill, the process is easy and fast.

In the last month, 5 homes in Oak Hill sold for over $800,000. This neighborhood is a moderately walkable neighborhood with a Walk Score of 26. The area is home to 7,189 people and over 1,120 jobs. Using a home search tool, you can narrow down your search by price, square footage, and number of beds. When searching for a new property in Oakhill, you can filter your results according to price, square footage, and bedrooms.

The neighborhood of Oak Hill in Jacksonville, Florida, is a popular choice for young families looking for a new home. It is a densely populated neighborhood with a low crime rate, and many families with children are found in Oakhill. The majority of residents are homeowners, and most are liberal, although there are a few conservative households. A typical family in Oakhill will own a home. Despite its moderately walkable community, it has a higher than average income than that of most neighborhoods in Jacksonville.

The Oakhill neighborhood in Jacksonville is a popular neighborhood in Jacksonville. Its density and diversity make it an appealing choice for families of all backgrounds. The community is home to numerous families, and is an excellent choice for those who have a family. There is also plenty of shopping, restaurants, and parks in the area. A high-quality public school is also an excellent choice for working parents. While the community is generally friendly, it is home to a small minority of residents.