Normandy Village in Jacksonville Florida

If you’re in the market for a new home in Jacksonville, consider Normandy Village. This community has several conveniences, including a Walmart Grocery Pickup, a Publix, and an ALDI. In addition, it’s close to numerous health centers, as well as restaurants and shops. Residents of Normandy Village have no need to worry about getting sick or having an accident. The neighborhood is also well-connected to major highways, which makes it convenient for commuters.

Normandy Village in Jacksonville Florida

Normandy Village is a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida with a population of 4,961. The community is densely populated, making it a good choice for buyers who want a quiet, upscale setting. Most residents have their own homes, and the community is dominated by families. The area also has a liberal demographic, so there are many people who are happy living in this area. There are also many parks, and recreation options available for residents.

If you’re looking for a home in Jacksonville, you’ll find the perfect place in Normandy Village. The community features affordable, cozy homes. And the best part is, they’re close to the city center. This is a great option for people with kids who don’t mind walking into the busy downtown area. In fact, many families live in Normandy Village, and many of them enjoy living in the area.

Normandy Village is a great place for young professionals to live in Jacksonville. Its average rent is $1,301, which is a reasonable price for the community. With a wide range of apartment listings in Normandy Village, Florida, RENTCafe is an excellent resource for finding a new home. Once you’ve located the perfect property, you can contact the owner and apply for the apartment of your choice.

In Jacksonville, the neighborhood of Normandy Village is located in Duval County and is an attractive option for families with children. With its low cost and cozy homes, Normandy Village is a great place to live in Jacksonville. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home or a condo, you’ll find an apartment in this community that meets your needs. You can browse the listings below and find the perfect place to live for your family.

A Normandy Village apartment is a great choice for families. Its average rent is $1,301, which is an excellent price for this area of Jacksonville. RENTCafe is a great way to find a new apartment in Normandy Village. With a wide selection and detailed property information, RENTCafe makes it easy for prospective tenants to make an informed decision. The website also helps tenants communicate with the property owners and provides them with the necessary details.