Mixon Town in Jacksonville Florida

For years, this neighborhood was predominantly Black, and it was once part of the West Lewisville and Campbell Hill neighborhoods. However, with the end of segregation in Jacksonville, many families moved out. The industrial properties that occupied these properties were demolished, and the area is now home to a wide variety of residential communities. The city’s economic decline is also resulting in a dearth of affordable homes.

Mixon Town in Jacksonville Florida

Although the neighborhood is mostly industrial in use, recent newcomers have included breweries and the Jacksonville Classical Academy. Developers are now weighing development proposals, with plans for Dennis + Ives, a mixed-use development with a restaurant, a cafe, an outdoor stage, and another brewery. It would also serve as a Brooklyn Skyway station, enabling commuters to walk to work and play without needing a car.

The Walk Score of Mixon Town in Jacksonville, FL is 44. The most walkable neighborhoods are Downtown, Riverside, San Marco, and St. John’s. These are neighborhoods in the middle of the city, and are home to a high number of residents. These are just a few neighborhoods of the greater Jacksonville area that can be found in the city. If you’re interested in a property in Mixon Town, you can find it on realtor.com.

As for the quality of life, residents of Mixon Town earn an average of $66,048 per year. The median household income in Mixon Town is $45,375. The median age group in the neighborhood is 25 to 44 years old. In the neighborhood, the median income is $45,375. Those aged 45 and older earn an average of $56,824 a year. The median income is $28,381 for people aged 25-64.

While Mixon Town remains largely industrial, recent additions to the area include a Jacksonville Classical Academy. Currently, the area is home to 12 active listings. There are also several proposed mixed-use developments in the area, including a proposed restaurant, cafe, and a second brewery. A new Brooklyn Skyway station and a nearby creek will make this area a destination for people in the neighborhood. And with the new additions, it could become a popular entertainment district.

The median income in Mixon Town is $45,375. In contrast, the average annual income of the population is $66,048, making the neighborhood an ideal place for people to live. The area is also home to many breweries and restaurants. The city is currently a vibrant community, and the mix of cultures and ages makes it a popular place to live. A new development is currently under construction. The plans include a waterfront park and a pedestrian bridge to the Emerald Trail.

The emergence of industrialization led to a significant increase in the population of this community. In 1924, the area was a place of modest housing. By the 1930s, the population had grown to include a significant number of workers, and median home values rose by 40%. By that time, the area had become a thriving employment center. The Orange Crush Bottling Works and the Jones-Chambliss Meat Packers were the first businesses to open in the area.