Lackawanna in Jacksonville Florida

Lackawanna is a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida that has been growing in size and population for decades. Historically, the area has been home to many midsize homes and is bounded by the CSX railroad line, Interstate 10 and Cassat/Edgewood Avenue. Despite these problems, the area is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.

The Lackawanna neighborhood is located west of downtown and is a 1.4 square-mile area. It is home to single-family houses, apartments, historic architecture, and gridded streets. It is convenient to downtown Jacksonville and features several amenities and services that make it a great place to live. The neighborhood’s many parks and outdoor recreational areas are also a draw. Its swimming pool and picnic areas make it ideal for families.

The lackawanna neighborhood is a popular place to live and work in Jacksonville. The area is located about 3.4 miles from the downtown core. Most residents in this neighborhood identify as Haitian, Italian, Irish, or German. While the majority of the population is white, it’s not uncommon to find immigrants in the area. The diversity of culture in this part of town is a testament to the diversity of the city.

The Lackawanna neighborhood is west of downtown. It is a 1.4-square-mile area with single-story homes and apartments. It has gridded streets and historic architecture. There are also a number of parks in the area, including Mallison Park and Center. The Mallison Park and Center is a popular place for recreation. It has unlighted and lighted athletic fields, a playground, and a swimming pool.

The Lackawanna neighborhood is home to 103 residents. About 80 percent of its residents are black. While many people may not have a strong sense of culture, the community is home to many ethnic groups. The median real estate price in Lackawanna is $249,619, which is higher than 86.5% of the surrounding neighborhoods. Rents in Lackawanna are lower than in other parts of Jacksonville.

There are several parks in this area. The Lackawanna alternative education center is located at 3108 Lenox Avenue in Jacksonville, FL. The Lackawanna Alternative Education Center serves 103 students in grades 9-12. About 80% of its students are black. The Duval School District closed the school in 2008. A lackawanna neighborhood is a good place to live if you have children who are interested in sports and art.

The Lackawanna neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida has a population of 1777. The neighborhood is primarily home to single-family homes and small apartment complexes. Most residents are aged 33 years old. The average household size is two-and-a-half. Approximately 1% of the residents are considered to be elderly. However, the Lackawanna neighborhood also offers a variety of recreational opportunities.