Allendale in Jacksonville Florida

The town of Allendale in Jacksonville, Florida is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country. It is a vibrant community that has a rich history. Today, the neighborhood is home to more than 10,000 people. During the early 20th century, Allendale was an industrial hub, and today, it’s mostly residential. The community was named after the railroad station, which was located in Allendale. Despite its proximity to downtown Jacksonville, Allendale still retains its historic charm.

Allendale in Jacksonville Florida

The neighborhood of Allendale is located in Jacksonville’s Northside, near the University of North Florida. Residents tend to be liberal in outlook. The population of Allendale is around 1,140. The median age of its residents is 33. The area’s median income is $83,034. In terms of income, 12% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, while 1% have graduate degrees. The majority of residents have jobs in the construction industry, so the area is highly affordable.

Residents of Allendale are generally liberal. The median age is 33, and the median household income is $83,034. The median age is 37. Those who don’t work in the field often stay in the city. The population of Allendale is diverse, with single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. The average price of a home in the area is $83,034. For those who don’t work in the industry, there are many options available.

While the Allendale community is a fairly liberal neighborhood, it is also quite conservative. There are few single-family homes in the community, and most of them are modestly priced. The median home price is $83,034. Those who own their homes in the neighborhood are more likely to be liberal than those who live in the city. This is a prime example of where you’ll find a home in the Allendale community.

The Allendale neighborhood is a residential neighborhood located in Jacksonville, Florida. Its population is approximately 3,761, with a median age of 33. The average home is located in Duval County, and the median home price is $83,034. The demographics of this area are moderately liberal. However, the median price of a home in this neighborhood can vary widely. The area is considered a moderately liberal neighborhood, but it is still considered a lower-income area.

The area of Allendale in Jacksonville, Florida is a quaint neighborhood with an ethnically diverse population. The median age of residents is 33, with an average income of $83,034. It is a safe neighborhood for families, with many children. The community is also home to a high percentage of black residents. A good place to live is within walking distance of the public transit line. So, while the Allendale neighborhood is a small one, it is still worth visiting.